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god i just finished reading the glass castle and it was such an amazing book i nearly cried at the end bc it was so beautiful 

i think i’m actually going to strangle my sister hahahauiggydgswosof i would go for a walk to get out of this tiny hotel room but im afraid someone will mug me or something bc people in italy are crazy so i m STUCK

my family is literally driving me fucking crazy i can’t wait until i can just stay the hell away from them for a while when i get back from italy. the beach is great though, of course, except that my eating habits have become a bit fucked up bc i’ve been stressed or something i guess so im just not rlly eating anymore?  

today was my last day in great britain (tmrw we’re flyin out to italy), and overall it was a really amazing trip. but, to be honest, london didn’t impress me quite as much as i thought it would. i seriously lovedlovedloveeed oxford today, and i also enjoyed edinburgh more than london as well. i did really like the 3 days we spent here, but i guess the scottish countryside was just my favorite part overall. 

that moment when u realize that u forgot to put on deodorant in the morning

we visited oxford for the whole day today and holy shit i would KILL to go to school there

apparently a bird pooped on me while we were visiting the tower of london today because while we were leaving my sister looked at me and suddenly gasped bc there was shit all down my neck… LOVELY